Artificial Intelligence will change our world.

Will Serpentine change yours?

An Extraordinary Experience

A board year is the cherry on top of your student life.  It can alter the path of your career, sprout lifelong friendships, and is the ideal opportunity to:

Eager to make a difference?

Though the stakes might seem high, it is important to note that no prior experience is needed for a board year! Heck, consider it a sandbox where you can experiment.
You’ll do just fine if you:

  • Enjoy the place where technology and people meet.
  • Love to learn by doing.
  • Like to solve problems on the go.
  • Are ready to dive into the deep!


The following vacancies are targeted for next year. Press on them for more information on the role, the responsibilities and the perks. One role is combined with the formal responsibility of a secretary, which will be decided upon forming a board. The roles are indicative, and as you will be responsible, you should feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas!

As chairman, you are the face of Serpentine towards Innovation Space, the TU/e and its student teams, and of course the association itself. You will give weekly team updates during team nights, as well as update the aforementioned partners on our progress.

More importantly, you are responsible for the association as a whole and the board in specific.  You keep the overview, streamline communication, and ensure everybody has the means necessary to achieve their goals. If they don’t, you remove hurdles and ensure deadlines are still met.
And not the least: You chair board meetings, general member’s meetings and meetings with Serpentine’s board of advisors. You decide what lands on the agenda, and thereby you balance future vision with today’s concerns.

A tough task, and therefore highly rewarding. Luckily, you are not alone. You have the support of the board of advisors, our external advisors and fellow team managers at the TU/e.

Time Investment: 15-18 h/week
Responsibility: The association as a whole, and the board in specific.
Perks: Leadership skills ranging from decision making to finding consensus, a network of many students and entrepreneurs, presentation skills.

As Treasurer, you are responsible for the financial position of the association. You watch the cashflow, spanning both the income of the association, as well as its expenses. You create a budget for the full year, which you defend for the general member’s meeting whose approval you need. At the end of the year you report and account for the realization of this budget to the GMM. Similarly, you budget and report Serpentine’s student team activities towards the TU/e, which makes a significant contribution.

To this extent, you will learn all about keeping the books, budgeting and healthy financial management. You coordinate the expenses of fellow board members and committees, to ensure we get the most out of our funds. Ideal skills if you ever want to manage your own business.

With Serpentine’s ambition, and without contributions from membership, you will have to raise additional funds with partners, subsidies and events. For this, you are supported by the external affairs commissioner, as well as training opportunities in sales from experts. Questions about bookkeeping, budgeting and realizations can always be directed at Serpentine’s Accounting Committee (KCC).

Time Investment: 12-15 h/week
Responsibility: Finances, obtaining income, managing expenses, and bookkeeping.
Perks: Money skills, thinking ahead, keeping the bigger picture in mind, sales skills and negotiations.

As Techlead, you are responsible for Serpentine’s technological ambitions, on both the long and short term. You collect a selection of AI E-sports competitions which can bring Serpentine to new hights. Together with the association, you form teams such that we have the best shot at winning!

Then the fun begins! You have to manage multiple project teams, aided by their respective Team Captains. What is the planning, and are they on track? Are there any hurdles in achieving the best results? Any knowledge that is missing? How can we fix those?

Additionally, you oversee and support any other technological project, ranging from demo’s to proof of new concepts. The only limit is your imagination.

It is the ideal mix between people and technology. From the TU/e there is support in project management trainings, to prepare you for the tasks ahead. For the technical part, you have the rely on all the knowledge in the association, academia and our partners. It will be a fast track to operational expertise in the AI domain!

Time Investment: 15-18 h/week
Responsibility: Serpentine’s technical output and expertise.
Perks: Project Management skills supported by training, experience with real-life projects, and a good network of experts in AI.

Serpentine’s achievements are worth much more if we can spread our knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm! Therefore, we need to share both our achievements and our knowledge, to build a credible reputation.

As Marketing & Promotions commissioner, you are responsible for broadcasting our activities online and on campus. This is much more than writing social media posts: it requires building a media strategy, forming an image and sharing a well-designed message! You inspire students in Eindhoven to learn more about AI and join Serpentine. You make sure all the cool stuff happening at Serpentine gets a place in the wide world, connecting experts at Serpentine and abroad in the process.

Developing a strong sense for marketing and selling ideas, while being thoroughly aware of the technological possibilities, is a huge advantage to both technical and non-technical students. Fromout both the student teams, and innovation space, there are regular meetings to support you in reaching as many people in an effective way. Will you put Serpentine on the map?

Time Investment: 12-15 h/week
Responsibility: Serpentine’s brand, message and both digital and on-campus presence. Recruitment of new members.
Perks: Learn to reach people in a digital world and sell your ideas, get media training, and gain experience with state-of-the-art marketing tools. Plus you’ll meet plenty of students from other teams.

Within only a year, Serpentine has grown into a busy place, with over 30 members, 6 committees and various competition teams. How do we organize all these activities smoothly? And how do we accommodate for all students with an interest for AI?

That’s where the commissioner of Internal Affairs come in. You streamline the committee work, such that all activities click together in a neat schedule. You structure team nights such that it benefits both total newcomers and AI-experts alike, and anyone in between.  Fundamental in this is Serpentine’s education wiki, which you manage together with the educo.

There’s still a lot to gain here, so how will you organize this? Cracking the code leaves you with the perfect organizing skills and might benefit Serpentine for years to come.

Time Investment: 12-15 h/week
Responsibility: Team nights, committees and the education track.
Perks: Office politics, engaging volunteers and people skills in general. Working on the education track will give you a broad, fundamental insight in the field of AI. 

As commissioner External Affairs you keep in touch with all of Serpentine’s external relations. This includes partners, ambassadors and events.

Together with the treasurer, you manage the acquisition of new partners. But partners are much more than just sponsors or experts. You build the relation, and keep an eye on what you can do for each other. You update partners, make sure we fulfill our responsibilities and build a strong network in both industry and academia.

In addition, you are responsible for all Serpentine’s external events. This ranges from competitions, to conferences and expos. You support engineers on their (digital or physical) visit, and make sure everything is in order for a smooth experience.

Time Investment: 12-15 h/week
Responsibility: Serpentine’s external relations and events.
Perks: A strong network in industry and academia, sales training, plus tons of organizational and relational skills. 

What's next?

As you see, this is an opportunity we as current board can only recommend! You can ask us all about our experience, and we happily schedule a (virtual) coffee with you!

Enthousiastic? Write us an email at with a short motivation nothing fancy about what you would like to get out of a board year at Serpentine and which role you’d prefer, June 29th the latest. We will get in touch soon afterwards to schedule an appointment to get to know each other.

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Serpentine is focused on developing Artificial Intelligence. We learn about developing algorithms, with which we compete in AI E-sports competitions. The association connects students, research and industry by sharing our knowledge on state of the art algorithms.

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