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At Serpentine we get expertise from academia, companies,  and many other places. Next to gaining knowledge, we also want to give back to these communities. Not only does this allow us to establish our credibility, but it lets us contribute to progress. Together we drive growth.

Current Work

At the moment we are working on multiple competitions. Check out our social media channels to catch the most recent updates of ongoing projects. We have LinkedInFacebookInstagram, Twitter and a YouTube channel.

Previous Competitions

All previously joined competitions, with source code and a technical report, in reverse chronological order.

March 1st - May 3rd 2020

2nd Place

The AI Snakes competition is based on the well-known game of Snake, where one snake has to chase apples in order to grow. However, for this contest the game was rebuilt by a team from Innopolis University to include two agents. Our members learned a lot about implementing algorithms such as breadth-first search and minimax with alpha-beta pruning. Furthermore, a lot of creativity was used in order to make sure that the AdderBoaCobra won as many games as possible.

Team AdderBoaCobra

Team photo of AdderBoaCobra


Clockwise, starting top-left: Imre, Bram, Dik, Wolf

January 6th - February 1st 2020

73rd Place

Battlecode is MIT’s premier programming competition! It offers a unique challenge that combines game strategy, software engineering, and artificial intelligence.

This year’s version required us to find the optimal way to harvest soup, while protecting ourselves from the rising water. It incorporated resource management and balancing short- and long-term interests.

Out of 284 teams, the SnakeEyes scored 73rd place, while the Noodles reached 76th place. With the Noodles winning some matches against the SnakeEyes during the competition, it was a thrilling event!

Team Noodles

Left to right: Manuel, Dik, Bram

Team SnakeEyes

Left to right: Pieter, Carlo, Tristan

April 24th - June 16th 2019

1st Place

The FruitPunch AI Pilot at Eindhoven University of Technology is a local competition in Eindhoven targeted at machine-learning-based Artificial Intelligence, covering a 1 versus 1 Starcraft II mini-game. As Serpentine was just getting started, it was incredibly rewarding to win the competition! As best out of four participants from varying universities from the Netherlands, we took home the pink trophy, as well as a many lessons learned. Curious? Check out the whitepaper below!

Team Dangernoodle

Left to right, top to bottom: Carlo, Richard, Thymen, Pieter, Mickey, Wouter

About Serpentine

Serpentine is focused on developing Artificial Intelligence. We learn about developing algorithms, with which we compete in AI E-sports competitions. The association connects students, research and industry by sharing our knowledge on state of the art algorithms.

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